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A Mad Man and a Liar

Who Am I?

A question I ask myself almost every day…

I’m not sure. I try to create, it’s what makes the crushing weight of failure on my chest manageable, if only slightly.

A writer, a comedian, once in a while, an actor; with a smattering of success in each, though nothing that would prompt me to quit my day job. I try to fight the bastards of the world that want to turn this world into a graveyard for their rich, spoiled children to play in, whenever I can spare the energy after a long day of tedium.

My ego believes it resides in a better, more creatively successful person. So it must be sated. That’s what this website is for: a playground for my ego.

You will find words to read. Lots and lots of words to read. Hopefully arranged in such a way as to please you, hopefully to connect with you.

You will find videos of me attempting to connect with people on the stand up comedy stage. Often languishing, always trying.

You may even find a video or two of me acting, to the best of my ability. Perhaps I am no good, but don’t tell my ego that.

Somewhere in here, with any luck, you may find me.

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