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https://infotuc.es/esminec/3989 A Mad Man and a Liar

Who Am I?

http://arbhojpuri.com/download-song/3071 A question I ask myself almost every day…

go to link I’m not sure. I try to create, it’s what makes the crushing weight of failure on my chest manageable, if only slightly.

http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=zodiac-signs-compatibility-dating&52a=a4 A writer, a comedian, once in a while, an actor; with a smattering of success in each, though nothing that would prompt me to quit my day job. I try to fight the bastards of the world that want to turn this world into a graveyard for their rich, spoiled children to play in, whenever I can spare the energy after a long day of tedium.

http://shortcreek.us/?enfiors=black-millionaires-dating&c6b=2c My ego believes it resides in a better, more creatively successful person. So it must be sated. That’s what this website is for: a playground for my ego.

see url You will find words to read. Lots and lots of words to read. Hopefully arranged in such a way as to please you, hopefully to connect with you.

http://euromessengers.org/?biodetd=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-prognose&20a=29 You will find videos of me attempting to connect with people on the stand up comedy stage. Often languishing, always trying.

binaire opties bot You may even find a video or two of me acting, to the best of my ability. Perhaps I am no good, but don’t tell my ego that.

see Somewhere in here, with any luck, you may find me.

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