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A Mad Man and a Liar


Years ago, a friend of mine and I were discussing a film that everyone touted as “genius” and “brilliant.” He and I seemed to be the only ones we knew that saw through the bullshit and noted it for the work of stunning mediocrity it was. As I lamented as to how so many people …

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The Mechanic

My father never showed off his humanity. He kept it locked away somewhere, so no one could see it. My mother probably saw it for a while, after all, she fell in love with him… As far as I know… But the pops I knew, showed nothing in the genre of human emotion. A stoic …

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The Bikes

This house is much too good for us, I thought as I grabbed a box filled with random objects from our last home that would soon make this mansion more ours. As a kid, I lived in many a bad home and apartment. San Gabriel Valley, California was an odd burg. Mostly, it was nice. …

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Comedy Part I: Why I Do It

I’m not sure why I do comedy anymore. When I was a kid, I loved stand up comedy. I remember watching Richard Pryor Live on The Sunset Strip before I was old enough to understand 70% of what he was talking about. I must have been 11 or 12. There was a lot of foul …

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Comedy Part II: Why Do I STILL Do It?

I may have started doing stand up comedy too late. That’s because I had another, equally ridiculous dream before. Specifically, being a film maker. You can’t spend all your weekends watching only stand up, you have to break it up a bit. It was at that time, I found another love. One that would jealously …

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Pops. Pops was a mechanic. He understood the workings of most things metallic. Especially cars. By most peoples’ accounts, he was a pretty great mechanic, though he never bragged about his work. He never talked about his work. In fact he never talked about anything. Not to me, not to any of my three brothers, …

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Jury Duty

I know too much about the justice system to trust it. I’ve seen the inherent racism in the laws that are seemingly passed exclusively to warehouse black and brown people in prisons. Like the country is saving us all up for some purpose they may need later, letting us loose on some kind of monstrosity …

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My Arrest Record

I have an arrest record. It’s not as extensive or as glamorous as say, Tony Spilatro’s, but I am on record. How many of you can say that? You never know what will happen to you at the beginning of your day, at the beginning of your night. All horrendous experiences have their birth in …

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My Words

My words are my own. There are to be used at my own discretion. I rarely say things without having thought it through rather heavily. The synapses in my brain jumping and arcing incessantly to make sure I don’t say anything stupid. Of course, I have let loose many many stupid utterances, but generally in …

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The New Beverly

Movies have always been something that seemed to make things better for me. As a child, I really didn’t know why. Of course, I never understood what made a film good or bad. Indeed, I remember musing that all movies were “kinda” good. I mean, they all told a story, right? That by itself was …

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